Albatun seiner Scale 1/60 36" Wood Model Ship Kit RC Ship model

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Albatun seiner Scale 1/60 36" Wood Model Ship Kit RC Ship model


  • Scale 1/60 
  • Length 911 mm  36"
  • Width 190 mm
  • Height 446 mm
  • 3 Years design 
  • A material is made of basswood laminated hull
  • Wooden hull , single paddle, single rudder, stainless steel hard shaft and brass pipe spreader
  • Simulated metal propeller, 540 brush motor *1  (with copper water cooling sleeve), a cooling water pump.
  • Colorful instruction with Chinese, but with lots of picture to explain, so dont worry about Chinese
  • A0 drawing *2 
  • Many Resign part and metal part accessories 


You need prepare the remote control, steering gear, electronic governor and power supply, as well as hull waterproof paint and coating materials and equipment by yourself

equipment reference: 

4 channel model remote control, 320A brush electric adjustment (water cooling), steering gear, 12V7000MA battery as power supply, 4 * 1.5V batteries for water pump power supply.


   Albatun was built during 1974-1976 in Lenin shipyard in Gtansk in Poland, there are 6 in total built for Mexico, B415 seiner boats, and this one is among them, which is used to tuna fihs as a fish boat. This kind of fish is hard to captured by common boat, but Albatun can easily do this. It obious that Albatun  is a standard of high- level fish boat which can be with highly-function speed, deep fishing, low temperature and high speed processing funtion.

   The whole length is 52.9m; the distance between the two masts is 47.5m, while wildth is 11.3m; 7.55m deep and waterline 5.2m (occean going ship is always have deep waterline, which is close to that of small frigate).


  The kit is basswood-panel structure ship model, plank-skinned, single-paddle-single-rudder, with stainless hard axis and copper axis drivepipe, 540 brush motor (with copper water cooled brush), and a cooling water pump.The maker should prepare a telecontroller and steering engine, electron speed regulator and power, as well as waterproof painting and materials and tools by yourself.

Reference: 4 channel-model telecontroller, 320A electron speed regulator with brush (water cooling system), steering engine, 12v 7000 MA storage battery as power, four 1.5v storage battery for the water pump power system.

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