HMS Enterprize 1774 1:96 450mm 17" Sailing Vassel POF Wooden Model Ship Kit

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1:96 HMS Enterprize 1774 450mm 17" Sailing Vassel POF Wooden Model Ship Kit


  • Scale 1:96 
  • Length 450 mm 17.7"
  • Width  105 mm  4.1"
  • Height 105 mm 4.1"
  • All 3D design and pre- larser cut pannel , POF model
  • Main Material : Pear wood / boxwood 
  • Other material : plywood board , 3d resign , brass fittings
  • Hull plank pieces (including bottom compartment and part of upper deck)
  • Shipyard deck plank pieces
  • 3D printed carving part ( can update boxwood carving)
  • brass CNC cannons 
  • brass PE.

Optional contents:Boxwood carving (release 2024)

The default of the kit is resin ones.If you want to update into boxwood ones,You have to purchase boxwood carving parts separatedly.

Hms Enterprize 1774 1:96 POF Admiralty model

Manual in CD or Download

Hms Enterprize 1774 1:96 - Instruction manual Download

The Enterprize class was designed by John Williams, the successor of the renowned British ship designer (surveyor) Tomas Slade, in 1770. He made minor adjustments based on the design of the most successful frigate of the Royal Navy in the mid-19th century. Created the Enterprise class, a massively constructed frigate class, with a total of nearly 30 ships, built to cope with wars in Europe and maintain the situation of American colonies.

HMS Enterprize was primarily active in European waters before 1781, playing a crucial role in the French siege of Gibraltar against Britain. It successfully detected and thwarted attacks by a new French weapon at the time—the fire ship.

Following the end of the siege of Gibraltar, Enterprize underwent new outfitting and sailed to the Americas to carry out missions aimed at suppressing American independence. During this period, it captured some privateer ships and returned to Britain in 1784.

In the subsequent two decades, Enterprize undertook various small missions in British waters and was ultimately decommissioned in 1807.

As a full structured Plank-on-Frames model kit, we must ensure absolute rigor in research and design. Through extensive searches, we have obtained ultra-high-resolution scans of the original design drawings of Enterprize and its same class vessels, preserved in the UK National Maritime Museum. These scans include sheer lines, longitudinal half-breadth, inboard details, and much more, and we conducted 3D design based on these precious drawings.

Boxwood carving part

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