ZHL Wood line scraper model kits

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Wood line scraper model kits

razor blade are stainless iron, thickness is 0.3 mm, With twopieces, can be used for a long time.
there iswooden protection panel on both sides, good to use and convenient to change the piece.
there is 12kinds of blade to make the model, can shave out 2mm-4mm wooden thread, you canmake specialized model with the help of the blade razor. a useful tool.

way to use:
1. you shouldassemble the tool by yourself, the wooder protection panel should be set besidethe both side o blade razor, screw it tightly. the number on the protectionpanel is the width of the razor, which should be according to the kind ofblade.
2. use therazor close to the plank, move from left to right, peel the plank.

Notice item:
1. you shouldbe careful when you press the razor, don't be so hasty neither too hard, or youmay irregular ones or hurt the blade.
2. when theblade worn out, you should change a new one.

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