Wooden ship tool the Rope ladder weaver rope crochet COMBO wooden Tool

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Specifications: Quantity:1 size: the bottom panel hight 270mm width 200mm Material quality:Basswood laminated plate, copper and iron Description: This is suitable for most rope ladder of ship model

The tool was made be copper lock and high quality plate Use the weaving machine to make the rope ladder can make it perfectly intalled onto the mast. With 30 metal lock. the distance between the two lock is 5mm in horizontal and 10mm in vertical, And this can meet the need of most ship model. Purpose: Accurately compile rope ladder for classical sailing boat. Two sets of uniform and symmetrical rope ladders can be constructed on both sides at the same time. Copper column fixing group redesigned to facilitate disassembly and displacement New version with 30 pecs column Without bonding, two sets of copper column bolts can be assembled and completed, which is convenient for disassembly and occupies very little space after disassembly. New version Rope ladder weaver rope Crochet Combo tool which have longer size suit for more model kits High quality brass column This Tool is suitable for most of the sailboat rope ladders . it is made of the High quality Basswood layer board and Brass bolts

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