Planing wood fixtures model kits

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Planing wood fixtures model kits

Quantity:1 size: 200mm*50mm*15mm
Material quality:wood iron
Description:this is a tool which can peel the hull massively,This set does not contain planer

If you have made one model, you must know that the part near front and the back should be narrower, then they can get together, closely attached to the cranked surface. As process the single one is not so easy, we develop this tool, which is convenient and easy to use. it can process 5-10 planks for one time, and the angle can be kept the same, so they will make the hull much more beautiful.
The tool should be DIY, but very easy, you just have to glue the items in sequence.


This is a tool that can modified batch wood strips for the wood model ship's hull 

It has been known to have been a ship model that the wooden strips near the bow and stern need to be made narrower.

so that they can be closed and close to the hull surface. 

Because single-rooted processing is cumbersome, the development of this tool has been personally felt to be very convenient

and practical. It can process around 5-10 pieces of wood at one time,

keeping the planing angle the same, and the hull sticking out will be very nice.

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