Brass CNC cannon for the kinds wooden model ship kits

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Diameter Size:It contains  

The length is85mm, 65mm, 55mm, 48mm, 41mm, 35mm, 36mm, 33mm, 30mm, 26mm, 23mm, 19mm, 17mm, 

16mm, 14mm,Handgun 23.5mm, Handgun 29.5mm, carronade 23mm

One set contains 1 pieces

Material quality:Copper

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Cannon 85mm

 photo tb2swmkcpxxxxblxpxxxxxxxxxx58805468_zpsv9c0f9ry.jpg 

Cannon 65mm
 photo P5140129_zpsnshlnvmn.jpg 

Cannon 55mm
 photo P5140130_zpsceenmk4l.jpg 

Cannon 48mm
 photo 48mm a_zpswlmbqwom.jpg 

Cannon 41mm
 photo P5140131_zpsxsw3sm5d.jpg 

Cannon 36mm
 photo P5140134_zpsnwawbv8r.jpg 

Cannon 35mm
 photo P5140142_zpsoeydgtka.jpg 

Cannon 33mm
 photo P5140133_zps6nun2i89.jpg 

Cannon 30mm
 photo P5140135_zpsegzo6bc9.jpg 

Cannon 26mm
 photo P5140136_zpsokbcpauf.jpg 

Cannon 23mm
 photo tb2swmkcpxxxxblxpxxxxxxxxxx58805468 -  3_zps7msti1bm.jpg 

Cannon 19mm
 photo tb2swmkcpxxxxblxpxxxxxxxxxx58805468 -  2_zps5m1mqqb8.jpg 

Cannon 16mm
 photo tb2swmkcpxxxxblxpxxxxxxxxxx58805468 -_zpsnjb0clrq.jpg 

Cannon 14mm
 photo P5140143_zpslgzaogyo.jpg 

carronade 23mm

 photo P5140137_zpsk5cxhfa1.jpg

Blunderbuss 23.5mm

 photo P5140141_zpsiyyj0suy.jpg

Blunderbuss 29.5mm

 photo P5140140_zpshjlzt3lk.jpg

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