Import Duties, Taxes And Charges Are Not Included In The Item Price Or Shipping Charges, These Charges Are Buyer’s Responsibility.

Necessary Notice of Importing Taxes for International Buyers:

  • There may be possibility for every international customer to pay for importing taxes, there will be random inspection of the importing goods in every country, about 15% of my customers may encounter the random inspectionm, as a result, the importing taxes have to be paid for by themselves.
  • In order to help my customers to lower the related cost, we will try our best to claim that the goods are "gifts" to Customs when make delivery, even if there are some countries where the goods cannot be claimed as "gifts", we will lower the claimed price as low as possible to help my customers to cut down the tax cost, so the claimed price is not the real price of every product (highlighted), this is our maneuver to help the customers to lower the tax cost if they unfortunately encounter the random inspection by Customs.
  • If your goods are chosen in the random inspection, the express company will contact you to pay for certain importing tax which is corrsponding to the value of the goods when they consign the goods.